Joshua Beasley: Software Developer

I am so glad I've found an industry which prizes teamwork, creative problem solving, and retrospective/iterative planning. Driven by a desire to be helpful, I am an enthusiastic student of Software Development because I believe it is the realm in which I can do the most good for humanity and have the most fun.

Jennifer Chinzi: Software Developer

With a background in education, sales, and office management, I am seeking opportunities to parlay my communication and coding skills into an environment where I can bridge the gap between specialists and end users.

Amber Falbo: Software Developer

I have a background largely in customer service in varied rolls of 16 years, 8 years of team leading, 5 years of managing and 14 years of non-profit work. I hope that everything I've learned from my previous careers can help make me an asset as a software developer.

Paul O'Brien: Software Developer

I call the Pacific Northwest home. I am an outdoor enthusiast, Microsoft fan, and still miss the Seattle Supersonics. I'm looking for a job that is about empowering users to make the most of their life. My coding knowledge includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Postgresql, and Python.